onsdag 16. juli 2008

God's Dream for Europe

I'm enjoying a long summer holiday this year. Have already spent two weeks, then worked for a week during the NMS (Norwegian Missionary Society) General Assembly in Bergen, and have now resumed my leisurely life for another few weeks. It is good to be able to take one day at a time without having to prepare a sermon all the time, although I do enjoy my work!

Last week in Bergen was good. We were around two thousand people - from all across Norway and with many International guests - gathered for the General Assembly, under the headline "God's Dream". I was responsible for a small gathering for those involved in mission in Europe. Two of the BIC members came and presented our church and the Chinese fellowship. Together with missionaries in Paris, London, Estonia and other places we are doing our part in making God's dream for Europe come true.

Om adventstid og rett til arbeid

Vigra og Valderøy skulekorps spelte på julegrantenninga. På den årlege julegrantenninga på Roald hadde eg ord for dagen, der eg snakka l...