torsdag 28. februar 2008

A heart for the Muslim world

To all who are interested in sharing the Gospel with Muslims, I can recommend the E-zine St. Francis Magazine, published by Arab Vision and Interserve. Their approach is serious, clearly Evangelical, and very sensitive. Here is an extract of how they present themselves:

"Yes, we do have our own opinions on many matters, but we also believe
in the shared wisdom of the whole Church and whole mission community; so
let's continue to read, and talk, and disagree on some things, and agree on the
one thing: The Gospel of Jesus Christ (as historically understood)
must be presented to Arab Muslims so that they have a real
chance to become followers of Jesus Christ."

Go to St. Francis Magazine here.

søndag 24. februar 2008

A Man's World?

Jesus chose twelve men to follow him, and it is probably true that the church has been dominated by men for many centuries. But where are the men today? Many churches have increasing difficulties in reaching the men. An interesting article in the UK based Christianity Magazine adresses the issue. Typically, the link has been sent to me by a woman...
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Om adventstid og rett til arbeid

Vigra og Valderøy skulekorps spelte på julegrantenninga. På den årlege julegrantenninga på Roald hadde eg ord for dagen, der eg snakka l...